Construction Industry Contracts and Claims Advisory Services

Victorious Vie, as your strategic partner, can expedite the development of:


  • CEM – Contract Execution Methodologies

  • Contract Documents Reviews and Contract Breakdown Structures

  • Contract Management Procedures

  • Competitive advantages through Contractual Terms and Risk Sharing Strategies

  • Administrating "Dispute Resolution Boards" 

  • Conflicts Avoidance Panels as part of Project Management Team

  • Acting as sole Dispute Resolution Panel on the Project to avoid delays due to conflicts and disputes between the parties concerned.

  • Claims evaluation and presentation

  • Evaluation of Concurrent delays and "LD" situationsConstruction Industry Contracts and Claims Advisory Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide services in respect of dispute avoidance and resolution as follows:-


- Comprehensive Contractual Advice on managing resolution of disputes, arbitration agreements, escalated and multi-layered dispute resolution process.


- Preparing and providing counsel services for the initiation of mediation, adjudication under the CIPAA 2012 and international commercial arbitration.


-  Getting up preparation for mediation, adjudication under the CIPAA 2014 and international commercial arbitration.

- Full management of arbitral processes and representation during hearing and throughout the process by experienced practitioner.


- Preparation of expert witness reports for quantum and delay matters with subsequent attendance at litigation or arbitration proceedings as necessary.


Contract Management & Administration

A broad spectrum of services including detailed analysis of contractual problems, claims, variations and other areas for the contractor or employer. Regular advice throughout the project period (retainer basis).


In managing contracts, utmost care is given towards risks, liabilities, undertakings, warranties and dispute resolution, so as to ensure smooth administration of business.

Commercial Contract Review and Drafting

Drafting contractual documents, Shareholders Agreements, JV Agreements, modifying standard forms of contract and sub-contract, drafting special Conditions of Contract and preliminary clauses. Review of contractual documentations and advising on applicability. 

Seminars and Training

The spectrum of training in the following disciplinary:-

- International Commercial Arbitration with focus on the practices in Asia;

- Alternative Dispute Resolution;

- Understanding of Contractual terms and Commercial transactions;

- Contract Management;

- Contract Administration;

- Contracting Strategies;

- Soft Skills in ADR and Self-Improvement;

- Senior Management Team Building.

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