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How To Make A Simple Paper Box

Here's how to make paper boxes to store fabulous gifts.This DIY hack is easy to make and they'll never know you made it. Our Social Media:Watch more: http://...

  • Step 3: Build Your Craft! Keep the divider outside the circle and make 4 arcs inside the circle. Slightly run a cutter on the arcs, in order to help you ease the process of folding the circles to make the paper boxes. Fold the paper along the arcs as a guiding map. Make two such paper boxes using the same procedure.

  • To make sure what you want to fit in the box fits, we will start with the bottom of the box. You will need a square for the top and the bottom of the box. To decide the size of the Bottom Box, fill in this equation: L = length of box + (H of box * 4) = 3 + (.5*4) =.

  • Step 2: Fold That Paper Half-half From the Middle Now just fold that paper half-half from middle as it is shown in this pictures. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download

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