- Mission - 

 "Innovative, Professional and High-Quality Consultancy & Training Services;

current and relevant to Clients' Needs

with Impactful Results." 

The pioneers of Victorious Vie are passionate practitioners who intends to provide unique consultancy and training services for businesses.
We are a team of consultants and qualified trainers in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Construction Claims, Contract Management, Corporate Business and Procurement Strategies. Our areas of expertise include building construction, maritme, oil & gas, power, human resources and medico-legal. 


We aim to assist businesses in understanding how best to contract, procure, serve, manage and execute projects, plans, works or services with minimal risks and the suitable strategies to be applied for the management and resolution of issues and disputes. We wish to express to our clients through our work that it is worth to invest in building organizational resilience. 
Our organisational model is based on a partnership of experts with the vision of ensuring our quality of service is always optimum.
“The whole of Science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”– Albert Einstein
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